About us

cultivating change 


Improving the value chain linkages between food processor clients & raw commodity suppliers while increasing business development support and strengthen distribution channels.  Providing safe, affordable, home-grown solutions to economic development, food insecurity and nutrition.  This initiative seeks to deepen the capacity and sustainability of assisted businesses by providing them with world-class knowledge, resulting in accelerated development, competitiveness, and profitability.  Ensuring overall inclusion in economic opportunity for people with disability, youth and vulnerable communities.


To improve food security in South Africa by providing sustainable, healthy and affordable fresh food.

To ensure employment for people with disability in the agricultural sector.

Development of GREEN TECHNOLOGY in agriculture.

To develop and implement new technology in agricultural industry.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

To enhance local manufacturing.

To encourage and educate the youth of SA to enter agricultural industry.

To continue the research and development for sustainable agriculture.

” We Lead Not Follow”